Friday, 29 June 2012

Fresh & Healthy mid week masterpiece

Ok I made a super yummy and super FRESH dinner on Wednesday that I thought I would share with you. It is really healthy as it is all natural ingredients. It doesn't LOOK amazing (I once again blame my photography skills, or lack there of). But my husband took a few bites and said "WOW this is really tasty"- result! 

 First I roasted 4 Red Peppers at a low temperature for a few hours in coconut oil.
The oil and peppers were added to a blender with the following fresh ingredients:
Half a chilli (seeds out) at first and then you can add more depending on your taste preference
A nice handful of fresh coriander

I started off with 3 hunks of garlic then added another 2 because I love garlic

3 limes squeezed

A palm and a half full of pine nuts

This is the finished product once it has all been whizzed up.  Remember to taste it as you might want to add more ingredients if you like it hot.

 I used these noodles today because I was WFH and didn't have time to make sweet potato noodles

Once noodles have been boiled & drained I mixed them with the sauce and re-heat to create a FRESH and HEALTHY mid week dinner

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