Tuesday, 19 June 2012

AMAZING new product

On the weekend I happened to be browsing in one of my favourite little boutiques, and stumbled upon these amazing perfumes.  As you can see by the picture I ended up buying two of them, I could not choose my preferred scent.  I think that your preference for scent differs depending on your mood.  Every girl should have at least two smells on the go....if not more.

The first scent is called Dead Sexy: deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid & ebony.
YES it is AS good as it sounds, in fact I am inhaling the gorgeous smell as I type. I am saving this one for special evenings with the hubby.

The second scent is called Kabuki: sugared grapefruit, lychee & sweet jasmine.  Obviously a lot sweeter than the first scent BUT perfect for the summer time and going out with your girlies.

I urge you to go out and get these if you have never smelt them before, AMAZING!
PS .  Sadly I have not been given any of the perfumes for free so this is my own opinion 

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