Saturday, 16 June 2012

Out with old IN with the new

            Today is THE day that my hubby has finally bid farewell to his beloved convertible
                BUT I am VERY excited that he has replaced it with a really fabulous car.
I know his Audi was a fantastic car, BUT it was not very practical especially as we live in England. The roof hardly went down, and believe it or not there was one journey that we actually had to drive with me holding an umbrella! We were on the highway with the roof down and the highway was under road works so you could not pull over on the side for about 8 miles. And yes the skys opened up and yes I had to grab the umbrella (the speed was down to 30MPH and we were doing about 15MPH so it was a LONG 8miles). Every single car got a kick out of it and honked their horns, gave us THUMBS up and even took our picture. THE other MAJOR problem with his car was that there was only 1 CUP HOLDER???? Imagine that! So basically any car ride I had to ALWAYS hold my own Starbucks which was not fun. Our new car has 5 cup holders I LOVE IT. OH and I HAD to add this picture of my Hubby looking TOTALLY SMUG Driving his new car....FLAT white all the way
                                            Its my turn to drive it next...LOOK out UK

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