Sunday, 10 June 2012

First Post Nerves

HELLO and welcome to my VERY first post....
I have to admit I was VERY nervous about my FIRST post, I delayed writing it for two days because I didn't actually KNOW what to write. I have now decided on doing a mini About Me to introduce myself.

I currently live in England but grew up in Canada, so I am an ex pat.
Im a qualified teacher and came over after Uni because getting a teaching job in Canada straight from Uni is HARD, basically impossible unless you want to work in the middle of nowhere.
I loved my first year here BUT the reason I stayed was really because of this man...

Please excuse the was taken when we first started dating and I had a little tooo much fizz.

It has now been over 8 years that I have lived in the Uk.....
A lot has happened since coming over here.
My father passed away, I got an MA in Early Years Education, I left teaching and became an 'Early Years Consultant', my mother sold the family home in Canada and moved to Germany.....
Eventually The BF proposed

We got married in the UK

Bought a lovely house in a'quintessential' English village

Then a puppy

Of course I have always wanted a BIG happy family. Unfortunately that dream will not happen as easily for us. I know it will happen one day and we are starting the journey of IVF to make it happen :-)
I do love my life and am a BIG believer in positive thinking and will talk about things that are helping us to get through this journey on the blog- some of them deep and meaningful and some of them just FABULOUS and fun

I hope you enjoy this journey

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