Friday, 22 June 2012

A little too 'poncy'

Last night my hubby and I joined his family for a combined birthday meal for his mum & sister.  I had been hearing about J.Sheekey Seafood Restaurant in London for some time so suggested we go there.  I knew ahead of time that it was an 'upscale' restaurant but in the end that is what actually let the restaurant down.

I don't mind paying top dollar for an amazing experience, but this wasn't one.  
The decor was SO SO (they were trying too hard to not appear to be trying very hard, if that makes sense????), the food was GREAT (love fish), the cliental were forgettable and the service was not what you would expect; staff were a little too cool in their attitude but they were not 'slick' enough to carry that off.  After the mains arrived we waited about 5 mins for the sides to arrive, in a place like this you wouldn't expect that and other little hiccups in the evening.

So that was our night, being with the family was wonderful & the food was great but I will not be rushing back, especially when there are sooo many other wonderful restaurants out there, many at a fraction of the cost.
The Husband on the way in on the Train

Me in my new £16 dress! Yes it is a bargain and was from Matalan
Delicious scallops for a starter

Sorry I didn't get very many pictures of the food, sorry for that as it was THE BEST part.

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