Tuesday, 26 June 2012

little changes....

As I have mentioned before I have been working really hard to improve my health and fitness in preparation for IVF. BUT that would be a total waste of time if I was trying to 'detox' myself and left my house full of toxins. Today I am going to share with you some of the fabulous products I have introduced into my household and I love them. Some might be a little wacky but HEY it works for us.

Lots of plants have been added to our household as these wonderful things help rid the home of pollutants and toxins. There is a really short and informative article that outlines the top 10 houseplants to help clean the air found here.
Our cleaning products have been totally revamped!  Our house still sparkles and shines but without the heavy chemicals and fake 'smells'.
Ok this is one of the products that I have only just found and think it is great.  I got mine from Lakeland.  Basically it is an air purifying bag that contains bamboo charcoal and removes odours in the house.  Totally love it.  I don't THINK our house smelt though, so I only bought it for its purifying properties ha haha
Ok another one that is out there and a little whacky.....  When I went for a massage recently the therapist had a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp in her treatment room.  It gives off the most beautiful relaxing pink glow and it was so soothing.  I decided to do some research into it and many different websites stated that they were very good for purifying the air and their 'ionising' properties.  This might be true Im not totally convinced BUT I love the glow and its great to have on in the bedroom when you just need to unwind
My skin!  If I am being so careful about what I put into my body and am making sure everything is as organic as possible then I need to be JUST as dilagent about what I put onto my body.  I bascially went though all of our old skin products and identified the ones that were full of parabens and other nasties.  These have slowly been replaced with a much more natural approach and my skin LOVES it.

Ok Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is THE BEST product in the world for cleaning your face! If you haven't tried it you are missing out.  Lots of people I know who started using it adore it so GET ON IT!  The reviews on the website speak for itself.  The smell is amazing and it is just SO natural.  It comes with a polish cloth that really removes the day away.

At night time I then massage in all natural rosehip oil and wake up with beautiful radiant skin.  Hey if it is good enough for Miranda Kerr then...

In the morning I use Khiels but BE careful as I was shocked that many of their products contain nasties!  But this one I was told doesn't.

Finally I delight my armpits with GreenPeople rosemary deodorant. Im kinda a sweaty person and this does the trick. Their products are divine!

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