Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tiny Devotions-my secret weapon

I had a lovely weekend BUT am starting to feel nervous. Tomorrow is hopefully going to be the START of my IVF journey. The idea is that I will not be doing the 'long cycle' which means I will not have as many drugs PUMPED into me BUT I will have hormones pumped into me. Unfortunately I will be needing to administer these via injections (YIKES) every day.
  After my Consultant does a scan, I will come off the birth control and will then hopefully start my stimulating injections as soon as my 'Aunt FLOW' arrives. 
I have been to acupuncture & reflexology this weekend to help get me in the 'right frame of mind' BUT one of my secret weapons has come from a dear friend in Canada. 

 A few weeks ago I had a special package waiting for me and opened it up to find something very intriguing from a company called Tiny Devotions & a beautiful handwritten note from my friend.  Seriously tears were flowing!

If you have not heard of the FANTASTIC tiny devotions before you need to go have a look.  I had never heard of them before so did lots of investigating and watched the Q & A about Mala beads video with the founder of Tiny Devotions below (serious Girl Crush).

So Saturday was the day that I decided I would begin my MALA beads journey.  I am hoping they bring a wonderful gift into our lives.  My friend also had them specifically 'blessed' for fertility by the team at Tiny Devotions.
Here I am with the beautiful beads.  You would not believe the number of people who asked me about WHERE they came from.  You might be sceptical BUT if you can't think positively through something like this what can you do?
Keep on sparkling



  1. JESS!!!! Spotted your blog off of Tiny Devotions webpage! Love their beautiful malas! Also LOVE your positive attitude about your whole IVF journey. Our friends from TO just got pregnant from IVF! Keep on smiling that beautiful smile of yours! Sending you lots of luck and extra love for that future bundle of joy! Would love to hear about your updates! You look beautiful as usual btw! xo Gwenn

    1. Hiya Gwenn,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to send me positive vibes and I love hearing about positive IVF stories, it keeps me motivated!
      Keep smiling


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