Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mediterranean salad

Ok I have had zucchini (or courgette in the UK) salad before at a friends house. She makes a really yummy one with vinegar BUT this Mediterranean Salad LOOKS beyond amazing! As soon as I saw it on The Detoxinista I knew I had to make it.
how to make

When I get a break from work I am rushing out and am going to make this for dinner tonight, maybe with some salmon?? I will just add some apple cider and white vinegar to kick it up a notch.  I just hope it doesn't ruin it.Happy Tuesday everyone

Monday, 16 July 2012


Ok get this....I am ALREADY feeling better since my post a few hours ago. The reason for this is my AMAZING friends! Even though we live thousands of miles apart SO many of them have reached out to me and given me a BIG LOVE HUG and really good advice! I am feeling much better now....and I KNOW I can get through this 2 week wait with their love and support and if it doesn't work out this time they will ALWAYS be there to pick me up when I am feeling down. 
 YOU ladies know who you are and I just want to say THANK YOU for being YOU. I also found these Words of Wisdom on pinterest that make me smile!

This inspires me to be SHE

Fingers crossed, that is all we can do

Jamie ready to come in for egg transfe
Sorry I haven't posted for a while. To be honest, maybe it is because I am scared to put anything in 'writing'. 
 Here is the IVF update................ 
It is all done and dusted, they have put two embryos back into me. The reason they have put two back in was because one was not very good quality and the other was OK which means our chances of this working this time are not GREAT! 
 I will test NEXT Monday.  I know when I have read on IVF discussion boards everyone talks about how awful the 2 week wait is.  Today is this first time it has actually hit me.  I am not doing very well today with the 2 week wait.
You KNOW these embryos have been put back into you and you are just waiting....hoping...wishing....and asking yourself SO many questions...after egg transfer have they even continued to grow? 
THEN will they be strong enough to implant and survive? I am coming up to what should be 'implantation' stage but WHO knows they might not have even made it past day 3.  I always hear about 'implantation cramping' and I HAVE NONE OF THAT.
 I have tried SO hard to be super positive but when the call came through on Wednesday to say they wanted to transfer two back in right away I knew it was because the quality was NOT great. The Consultant and all of the Nursers and Embryologists were AMAZING and the whole procedure went like clockwork.
Nonetheless I don't feel like it has worked this time, I am trying to remain positive and hopeful BUT am also preparing myself for the REALISTIC outcome. 
I just wish someone could promise me and my hubby that it WILL work at some point. All of the injections and the hormones that I have put my body through WILL be worth it (I think I have coped really well thus far BUT today is really hard.  I feel like I am PMSing x 1000.
So that is the update for IVF
I have already had to start thinking of PLAN B which will hopefully begin in October to allow enough time for my body to get rid of everything and flush it out of my system.
Sorry for a DOWNER of a post BUT I always said I would be totally open and honest

Keeping them crossed

Monday, 9 July 2012

Egg Collection Done!

I'm back home after egg collection.
  I have to say it was NOWHERE near as bad as I thought it would be and I am not in very much pain (I keep waiting for the pain to kick in). 
I think I made a little bit of a fool of myself when I was waking up. I was telling everyone how I was going to have a 'treat' on the way home. That 'treat' was my beloved Starbucks. My Consultant found that very funny. OH well. 
 The Consultant went in and my lining & hormones all look good and they collected 11 eggs. Now its the waiting game. Apparently I get the call tomorrow to tell me how many have fertilised and then IF we get some healthy fertilised eggs we have to wait to find out if we are going to day 3 or day 5 (getting to day 5 is best). Here are some pics from the day. Please excuse the face. I was not allowed to wear ANY makeup or any nail polish and was up at 5:45 so look very tired. Im off now to paint my nails! 
Hubby before we went in
Thumbs up before the procedure
My 'treat' SoyaMilk Chai tea latte, no water and only 1 pump of chai
 (they usually put in 4 pumps but that is WAY too much)

Sunday, 8 July 2012



OK I have been MIA but this IVF stuff has been taking over a little I am SO pleased to announce that I woke up this morning and DID not have to do ANY injections!!!!
Last night at 10:00pm I gave the final 'release' injection and will be going in Monday morning for them to collect the eggs!
I can't believe how fast this IVF cycle has gone.  If you have a choice I totally recommend the short IVF cycle! 
Thank you to my WONDERFUL husband, amazing friends and families and my Mala Beads from tiny devotions.  These are some of the things that have made the injections totally bearable OH yes and prune juice!
I have no control over what happens next, but I can stay positive and know that everything happens for a reason and that....

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

whatever wednesday

I couldn't think of an appropriate title for this blog as I have two topics today, so I thought WHATEVER Wednesday would work. Maybe I will do WW on a weekly basis??

1) Stimms & IVF update... Ok so the stimulation's are going well, I THINK. I hope I am growing healthy and happy little eggs. The problem is I have no idea what is going on in there. BUT I am going to see my Consultant tomorrow to have a scan.
Last night I went to see my reflexologist which was such a nice treat, I adore reflexology.  My reflexologist is also trained in positive visualisation so she did some different techniques with me to encourage a mind/body connection.  My head is a little FUZZY so I am sorry if this blog doesn't make that much sense today.
Speaking of IVF I found a seriously interesting article today that has caused me to add BUY avocados on my TO DO LIST for today. If you are going through IVF you might want to read this article...

2)  Ok I have a serious BLOG crush on the fantastic Megan at The Detoxinista.  She is very healthy and not into white flours,  sugars and processed food.  She has SOOOOO many fantastic and interesting recipes that I have tried and loved (and they are easy to adapt and add in your own things).  I have to give her credit because she certainly inspired me to start to re think my eating and ways to get healthy.

She has recently just posted this one that I WILL make as soon as my bananas get spotty and brown and maybe add some cocoa nibs...PB flourless mug cake 

I have also successfully made her yummy cauliflower pizza recipe, although I have to admit my first attempt was a little soggy but then she shared THE SECRET to making it and it WORKS.

And if you are after treats she has lots of healthy ones that I have made and enjoyed like these seriously yummy peanut butter balls!
AND some really yummy shakes like this Choco-Cado Milkshake (perfect for IVF)

Ok go have a little look and happy cooking.  Let me know if you have any other recommendations of healthy eating blogs

Monday, 2 July 2012

IVF journey has started

Happy Monday It is dark and rainy today BUT I had a lovely weekend.....

I love late evening walks along the canal, everything is so beautiful and refreshing.  I also ADORE this house on the next street over.  It was for sale here, unfortunately it was too much money.

We have also properly started our IVF journey as the injections have begun.  
I am so pleased to announce that the injections do not hurt NEALRY as much as I thought they would and I can do them myself.  I started off with just one injection to STIMMULATE my eggs, this was with the EPI style pen below.
Today I also started a second injection that is a proper 'syringe needle'. The second needle is to make sure that the eggs I am producing do not 'release'. 
 I much prefer the EPI pen style one BUT this is all part of our journey and it is not really that bad.
Other than feeling a little tired and some mild headaches things are ok SO far.  I know that once your eggs are really growing that you begin to get uncomfortable.  I am seeing my Consultant on Thursday for a scan to see how things are going.  FINGERS CROSSED
On the health side of IVF I am trying to eat a lot of protein right now, as that is excellent for the eggs.
I am also trying to get lots of rest and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  I have also upped my intake of water and green tea.  I always drink a lot but am trying to have more water to help keep headaches away.
SO far SO good, it also helps that my hubby has been a star!  
And waking up to this little doll every morning makes my heart SPARKLE

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