Monday, 2 July 2012

IVF journey has started

Happy Monday It is dark and rainy today BUT I had a lovely weekend.....

I love late evening walks along the canal, everything is so beautiful and refreshing.  I also ADORE this house on the next street over.  It was for sale here, unfortunately it was too much money.

We have also properly started our IVF journey as the injections have begun.  
I am so pleased to announce that the injections do not hurt NEALRY as much as I thought they would and I can do them myself.  I started off with just one injection to STIMMULATE my eggs, this was with the EPI style pen below.
Today I also started a second injection that is a proper 'syringe needle'. The second needle is to make sure that the eggs I am producing do not 'release'. 
 I much prefer the EPI pen style one BUT this is all part of our journey and it is not really that bad.
Other than feeling a little tired and some mild headaches things are ok SO far.  I know that once your eggs are really growing that you begin to get uncomfortable.  I am seeing my Consultant on Thursday for a scan to see how things are going.  FINGERS CROSSED
On the health side of IVF I am trying to eat a lot of protein right now, as that is excellent for the eggs.
I am also trying to get lots of rest and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  I have also upped my intake of water and green tea.  I always drink a lot but am trying to have more water to help keep headaches away.
SO far SO good, it also helps that my hubby has been a star!  
And waking up to this little doll every morning makes my heart SPARKLE


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