Wednesday, 4 July 2012

whatever wednesday

I couldn't think of an appropriate title for this blog as I have two topics today, so I thought WHATEVER Wednesday would work. Maybe I will do WW on a weekly basis??

1) Stimms & IVF update... Ok so the stimulation's are going well, I THINK. I hope I am growing healthy and happy little eggs. The problem is I have no idea what is going on in there. BUT I am going to see my Consultant tomorrow to have a scan.
Last night I went to see my reflexologist which was such a nice treat, I adore reflexology.  My reflexologist is also trained in positive visualisation so she did some different techniques with me to encourage a mind/body connection.  My head is a little FUZZY so I am sorry if this blog doesn't make that much sense today.
Speaking of IVF I found a seriously interesting article today that has caused me to add BUY avocados on my TO DO LIST for today. If you are going through IVF you might want to read this article...

2)  Ok I have a serious BLOG crush on the fantastic Megan at The Detoxinista.  She is very healthy and not into white flours,  sugars and processed food.  She has SOOOOO many fantastic and interesting recipes that I have tried and loved (and they are easy to adapt and add in your own things).  I have to give her credit because she certainly inspired me to start to re think my eating and ways to get healthy.

She has recently just posted this one that I WILL make as soon as my bananas get spotty and brown and maybe add some cocoa nibs...PB flourless mug cake 

I have also successfully made her yummy cauliflower pizza recipe, although I have to admit my first attempt was a little soggy but then she shared THE SECRET to making it and it WORKS.

And if you are after treats she has lots of healthy ones that I have made and enjoyed like these seriously yummy peanut butter balls!
AND some really yummy shakes like this Choco-Cado Milkshake (perfect for IVF)

Ok go have a little look and happy cooking.  Let me know if you have any other recommendations of healthy eating blogs

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  1. Hello's Friday! I'm awaiting a new blog!!! :) And, mine is up and running....eeks, kinda scary, eh?


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